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Source: Digicare Forum

Outstanding digital opportunities for well-being exist in the areas of physical exercise and sports & wellness. People will continue to develop and expand inhouse or outdoor models to maintain their physical status in optimal condition. The business behind this tendency is huge and is related to opportunities available to offer simple and sustainable digital tools for healthy subjects in different age classes. Also envisioned are new services in the area of food and healthy cooking, areas that are emerging as new needs for all components of family life such as selection of food by provenience, quality of ingredients and their composition in a balanced daily diet, including nutritional supplementation, etc. These are all new areas where digital services may generate added value for the majority of people more sensitive to their health status. In the long term, having populations educated in terms of well-being and responsible for food intake will generate a healthier economy for countries and reduce or delay onset of severe degenerative diseases. Another key area will be quality of life and the reduced impact of disability through the use of digital services such as the telemedicine and remote monitoring.

Please join us at DIGICARE forum Brussels, 12th April where key experts will meet to talk about these issues crucial to appropriate business development and innovation in the interest of public health.