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Source: Digicare Forum

Mobile communications, the cloud, advanced analytics, and the Internet of Things are innovations that are transforming the healthcare industry. It is hard to determine what initiatives should be scaled up and how, as it is still unclear what digital success will look like in five years.

Information and insights into patients’ histories and clinical pathways are no longer the preserve of the traditional healthcare establishment with today’s technology companies moving into healthcare. They engage with patients through apps, health and fitness devices and collect petabytes of data from these and other sources. Pharma and medical devices companies will need to decide how to position themselves to compete with these new players, or build complementary capabilities to collaborate.

To thrive in a digital world, life sciences companies will need to deploy next-generation technologies to streamline their business processes. They need to achieve almost real-time transparency for their clinical-trials portfolio in R&D and use technologies for frictionless sales and operations planning in the supply chain. One of the main difficulties faced by the pharma marketer is the ability to leverage fast-changing digital marketing and social media tools for promotion while meeting regulatory compliance. Since there are no comprehensive guidelines published by the regulatory bodies for digital and social media, most of the internal regulatory and those involved in the legal aspects are wary of venturing into unknown territory. Please join us at DIGICARE Forum Brussels, 12th April where key experts will meet to talk about these issues so crucial to appropriate business development and innovation in the interest of public health.