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Source: Digicare Forum

How will the healthcare life of European citizens change in the next decade thanks to the digital revolution? We only need to look at what was revealed in January at the World Economic Forum in Davos. People who are either healthy or already patients will experience favorable conditions that are unprecedented to help prevent disease or complications through measuring and monitoring more intensively and accurately their biological parameters – blood, cell activity, early organ damage, etc. More sophisticated Apps will evolve to show, in a very simple way, how behavioral life changes are able to significantly increase the value of medical prevention and our healthcare.

We are likely to have a smaller number of patients but more people who enter late in life into patient-like conditions, more survivors of fatal events and more elderly people with greater needs for in home care for the consequences of aging (fragility, vascular dementia, disability, etc.).

Biological sensors, the internet of things and algorithms to better plan medical interventions will prolong quality of life, reducing direct costs of intensive care and hospital admissions. At the same time, there are huge business opportunities for companies and organizations able to organize better quality of Digital Health Care services to ensure incredible added value “beyond the pill”.

DIGICARE Euroforum in Brussels will explore the cutting edge of these opportunities and reveal how important it is to prepare people and organizations for the next steps in this brave new world!