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First Euroseminar on Digital Healthcare

Taking place on the April 12th, 2016 in Brussels, DigiCare is a full day seminar focused on Digital Healthcare in Europe, aiming at gathering all relevant stakeholders interested in the growth and development of this new approach in healthcare.

The digital revolution is radically changing how European citizens are living and facing their social and healthcare habits: a recent (2014) Eurobarometer survey showed that 6 out of 10 Europeans used the internet for obtaining their health information.

At the same time, the Private Industry (Digital Players, Pharma & Medical Device Industries) is investing time and resources to provide solutions for telemedicine, mobile health and services in the area of healthcare.

Finally, governments, institutions, medical associations and healthcare providers are trying to find a way to manage and facilitate the impact of these new tools and technology on their professional lives and of course on the life of their patients.

This unique seminar brings together these key stakeholders (leading experts in International Digital Communication, European key health decision makers, Digital, Pharma & Medical Devices companies, patient organizations, healthcare professionals and medical associations, qualified media) to discuss and debate on how digital power can be used to improve the healthcare of European Citizens in general. Being located in Brussels, the heart of Europe, makes it easier not only for participants to gather from all over Europe but also to have important EU institutions present at the event.

DigiCare is designed for professionals who are working or interested in working in the field of Digital Healthcare, and would benefit from listening to and sharing ideas with key players and experts in this domain.

The seminar will revolve around the following three main topics:

  • Communication in healthcare (from and to patients)
  • Digital Health Care Management (oriented to HCP, CME and Ethical/Legal challenges)
  • Healthcare companies and digital communication

The day will end with a digital communication workshop, which aims to be a space to design the “Digital Job of the future” in healthcare, a training which will give practical solutions and tips to delegates interested in developing towards this career path.

Having EU citizens and more specifically European patients more and more accustomed to digitalization in their lives, the healthcare industry could not afford to miss out on this opportunity to deliver adequate healthcare services to those who need it. And it hasn’t, time and other important resources have been allocated from all sides and Europe is today one of the leaders in innovation in digital healthcare. It is though time to step up and develop this field even further for the benefit of all actors involved, especially that of EU citizens. The DigiCare Euroseminar has the ambition to become and be one of the most important yearly meeting places for those who are interested in digital healthcare development.

Looking forward to seeing you all in April at this unique event!